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bizComfort™ (a division of™) offers delivery service exclusively for our business clients. Following the success of our residential service, we designed bizComfort™ with a much wider product selection sourcing from several Costco warehouses. 
Guaranteed premium quality: We guarantee complete satisfaction with quality or your money back. We only deliver from Costco Etobicoke, products are meticulously inspected by our highly trained employees and we only use refrigerated delivery vans as per Canadian food safety standards. 

Toronto downtown

Guaranteed to save your time and money: Our prices are on average half of what you pay at the major grocery stores and other online options, including delivery right to your door. Our prices are slightly marked up to provide the quality service we offer.
No questions asked returns:  We will pick the item up and refund you 100% of the price if you are not completely satisfied or exchange for the brand new product.

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Downtown Core: Monday-Friday

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